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Deano releases experimental track on One Instrument

31 December 2018

Last release of the year comes by way of One Instrument, a wonderful project run by Grand River. The platform allows producers to compose tracks using only a single instrument source. For mine I used layered sequences from the Moog Mother-32 which has been spiced up with an Eventide Space.


Deano plays Vault with Shlømo

21 December 2018

The VAULT homies are hosting the fantastic Shlømo, and JED and I will be setting the scene for him!

Setaoc Mass plays Deano

19 December 2018

Shoutout to Setaoc Mass for playing my track ‘Piece from a Memory’ in his set for Music Reactions!

Appears at around 1hr15min

The track is out now via Konsequent Records


Dimi Angélis charts Deano/Rèdacs – Split 1.0 on Resident Advisor

18 December 2018

More love from Dimi Angélis

This time for K-I003 Deano / Rèdacs – Split 1.0 out today on my Knowledge Imprint!


Deas charts Deano ‘Piece From a Memory’ on Beatport

14 December 2018

Deas charts Deano – ‘Piece From a Memory’ on Beatport

Released a few months ago on Konsequent Records


Deano interviewed for InFlyte App

12 December 2018

Big ups to Inflyte for doing this nice lil feature on me

Mentions: Rèdacs, Kaiser, Concerns Music, JED, VAULT, Mødular.


Deano announced to play b2b with JED for Kinky Summer NYE

5 December 2018

Kinky Summer: A new years festival brought to you by We Love Summer & Kinky Disco

Dimi Angélis plays Deano – Slow Search

13 November 2018

Here he plays Deano – Slow Search (Original Mix) in his podcast for SCOPÁVIK [around 10mins in]

Mix was recorded live at CELDA Techno Club in Madrid


Deano does Concerns Podcast 36

2 November 2018

Recorded live at TOY TOY at And Club on the 5th of October, this set felt like a breath of fresh air for me. I approached the night with the intention of creating a journey of ebb and flow rather than just hammering out the tough ones (but still keeping within my preferred style). Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed playing.


Alexander Kowalski played Deano in mix for Gem FM

31 October 2018

Alexander Kowalski (Official) plays his d_func. remix of my track ‘Soliloquy’ on Secret Cinema‘s Gem FM Podcast

Deano – Soliloquy EP is out now via Konsequent Records


Dimi Angélis charts Knowledge Imprint on Resident Advisor

29 October 2018

Master Dimi Angélis supporting Knowledge Imprint again on his Resident Advisor chart 😍

This time for Rèdacs – Ithaca V2 (Original Mix) and Disturbance (Original Mix)

Older Knowledge material played at Awakenings ADE

25 October 2018

Nice to see Keith Carnal and Shlømo playing some older Knowledge Recordings material at Awakenings!

Hioll – Tunnel (Original Mix) [KNWLDG011] appears at around 55mins in


7296272962 YouTube channel features Rèdacs – Search EP

18 October 2018


Deano does TOYTOY Invites mix for September

27 September 2018

It features new music, old music, harder stuff, Housier stuff and more. Also included is some new music from Rèdacs coming out on my label Knowledge Imprint, as well as stuff from friends and colleagues such as Kaiser, Moteka, Kalter Ende, Vicmari, Bas Amro, Cirkle, Diego Amura and more!


Red Bull does feature on Deano

24 September 2018

Big thanks to Red Bull / Red Bull Music for doing this feature!

For those who want more info on my name change and what the future holds for me, take a read!


Deano named official resident of Mødular club in Cape Town

21 September 2018

He appears amongst a roster of top local acts


Deano set to host Etapp Kyle for Knowledge Night

6 September 2018

The Berghain regular makes his return to South African soil


Juho Kusti includes Deano – Trim in DSH 4th September

5 September 2018

Massive shoutout to Juho Kusti of the Deep Space Helsinki collective for featuring Deano – Trim (Original Mix) on their latest episode!!

Out now on my Knowledge Imprint



Deano releases EP on Spanish label Induxtriall

3 September 2018

‘Events of Sequence’ Out now on H. Paul‘s Induxtriall Records

These are some tracks I wrote a while ago that are finally seeing the light of day!

Also features a banging remix from the Frenchman Moteka!

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted ☠️

Pulse Radio

Deano Finds Fresh Perspective With Label & Alias Rebrand

31 August 2018

Pulse Radio features an article about Deano’s alias and label re-vamp.

D_Know (now Deano): “I feel a lot clearer about the direction I want to continue moving in.”

View full article HERE

Dimi Angélis charts ‘Deano – Alternation’ on Resident Advisor

24 August 2018

View full chart HERE

Deano to release on Berlin label Konsequent

17 August 2018

Very proud to say I will be releasing on long-standing Berlin-based techno label Konsequent Records. Ive been playing stuff on the label for years, and their extensive back catalogue speaks for itself with artists like Jay Denham, Fanon Flowers, Pacou, The Advent and more all having contributed!

Deano ‘Alternation EP’ to appear on vinyl

15 August 2018

Vinyl cut locally at Contour Vinyl
Limited run of 25 – White label 12″ Hand-stamped

View on Discogs

Death Techno Premiers ‘Deano – Trim (Original Mix)’

15 August 2018

“South African based Deano sheds his old skin and starts a new with a rebranding of his independent label now called Knowledge Imprint.

Following his appearances on ARTS, Translucent, Ground Factory, and GND Records amongst others, his new artistic direction is a refinement of style and process behind the scenes, that will no doubt unfurl as the project progresses.”

Full feature HERE

Deano announces official alias and label re-vamp

28 August 2018

“The past few years have been a steep learning curve for me as a DJ, producer, label owner and artist… Whilst from the outside everything often looks peachy, things are not always as they seem…”

Full post HERE

Lewis Fautzi @ NEOPOP Festival 2018 | BE-AT.TV

Lewis Fautzi live from Neopop Festival on BE-AT.TV.

Posted by Pole Group on Saturday, 11 August 2018

Lewis Fautzi supports D_Know on Dolma Rec

13 August 2018

Lewis Fautzi plays D_Know – It’s a Test (Vertical Spectrum Remix) at NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival!

Track at around 3mins… Out now on DOLMA REC

Knowledge & Vault host DVS1 in Cape Town

11 August 2018

D_Know‘s Knowledge Recordings and VAULT proudly present DVS1 for his highly anticipated South African return!

After his debut appearance at the successful collaborative event between Knowledge and TOY TOY at ColorBox last year, it was only a matter of time before Zak Khutoretsky (aka DVS1) made it clear he wanted more of what our country has to offer. And seeing as we all felt the same, we duly obliged in securing this exclusive Cape Town show!

Radial Includes D_Know – Find Yourself (Unbalance Remix) in his mix for Scopávik

14 June 2018

Radial is the techno moniker of Jeroen Liebregts, originally from The Netherlands today residing in Barcelona, Spain.

D_Know Participates in Drop Shop 2018

14 June 2018

Felix LabandNarch, Maxime Alexander, D_KnowPaulo Tessuto (BR) and Markus Workmstorm locked themselves in a studio for 3 days and wrote 8 new tracks. We call it #DropShop2018 and Themba Kriger was kind enough to write something about it.

Full feature HERE via Bubblegum Club

Hioll releases ‘Paranormal Activity’ [KNWLDG011]

29 May 2018

Knowledge Recordings is proud to present another young prospect from Cuba, this time in the form of Hioll. As a part of the Abstraction crew alongside Åre:gone, Hioll is aiming to build a strong scene in his hometown. For this release he presents 3 powerful tracks that merges big-room character with hypnotic soundscapes.

D_Know mixes Music Reactions Podcast #018

9 April 2018

“HOP! REACT Podcast is now barely legal. Mix No.18 comes from our friend from South Africa – D_Know. In May 2017. this talented DJ/Producer was named in the Top 5 of MyCityByNight’s Top Electronic Acts Under 25 Chart, support from the likes of Sam Paganini, DVS1, Cari Lekebusch, Unbalance, and Kaiser has also contributed to his progression. Enjoy.”

Death Techno D_Know Unbalance

Death Techno Premiers D_Know – Find Yourself (Unbalance Remix) [Knowledge]

2 April 2018

D_Know is the label head of South African based Knowledge Recordings and he continues to deliver great EP’s containing a superb cross section of talent from around the world.

The tenth edition from the Cape Town curators contains two originals with spacey, hypnotic, and tribal influence alongside some veteran input in the form of Unbalance from Russia and Vegim in Kosovo…”


Ben Sims Run It Red

Ben Sims supports Rèdacs – Dead Cloud (Najel Monteiro Remix) [Knowledge] on Run It Red

8 March 2018

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


D_Know mixes Techno Scene Podcast #67

9 February 2018

Includes tracks from Rèdacs (forthcoming on Knowledge Recordings), Biemsix, TWR72, Singular Anomalies, Brothers Black, Dany Rodriguez, Shekon, H. Paul, Messiahwaits and more!

Death Techno

Death Techno Premiers Folker Zwart Remix of Åre:gone – Eintauchen [Knowledge]

5 February 2018

“Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Knowledge Recordings is headed up by D_Know and has been a vessel for his own productions and like minded artists such as Messiahwaits, Klienfeld, Reckless Device, Antony Doria and Ashes.

The eighth EP comes from Cuban producer Åre:gone and titled Human Incommunication EP that also includes some quality reworks by Argentine Juan Trujillo alongside Amsterdam native Folker Zwart…”


Dave Simon Rodium

D_Know Remixes Dave Simon alongside Mark Broom for Tauten

3 February 2018

Our second release of 2018 features tracks by Dave Simon, Mark Broom & D_Know

Coming out February 19th!



D_Know ‘In Black & White’ feature via MyCityByNight

23 January 2018

“Global culture was the first words I picked up when looking through Dean’s fan page and that could be one of the many ways to understand what he aims to achieve with his vibrant yet dark brainchild known as D_Know. A monarch to his journey we’ve had the opportunity to follow Dean’s exploits from the very beginning and we are not surprised if he surpasses what he has done in 2017 in just a few months…”


D_Know Numero EP

D_Know releases EP on Brian F/Reckless Device imprint ‘Shaping Music’

19 January 2018

Unus (Original Mix)
Duo (Original Mix)
Duo (Uron Remix)
Unus (Mike Larry Remix)
Unus (Joaquin Ruiz Remix)


Cari Lekebusch supports D_Know – The Groove (Original Mix) [Ground Factory] in Podcast for Lehmann Club

4 January 2018

Lehmann Podcast Episode #113